2018 Phillips Academy Girls Wrestling Tournament

Forty athletes representing 23 different high schools room across New England competed in the 5th annual Phillips Academy Girls Wrestling Tournament held in Andover on Sunday, January 28th. Liz Seero (Tabor Academy) won a title for the third year in a row. Marisol Nugent (Andover), Hannah Workman (Morse High School) and Deja Douglas (More High School) each won her second title. Workman was named Outstanding Wrestler. Prior to the tournament, the athletes participated in a clinic conducted by Leigh Jaynes, a World Bronze medalist for Team USA.

Complete results:

113.7 weight class
1st place: Sophia Matthews, Woburn High School; 2nd place: Chloe Karapanos, Marianapolis; 3rd place: Amy Liu, Governor’s Academy; 4th place: Abigail Rabieh, BB&N; 5th place: Valerie Tang, Phillips Academy
Matthews pin Karapanos 1:42; Matthews pin Tang 0:31; Matthews pin Rabieh 3:12; Matthews pin Liu 1:05; Karapanos pin Liu 0:53; Karapanos pin Tang 0:18; Karapanos pin Rabieh 0:22; Liu dec. Tang 13-8; Liu pin Rabieh 1:31; Rabieh dec. Tang 10-4

118.8 weight class
1st place: Cara Nugent, Governor’s Academy; 2nd place: Kenlei Milovanovic, North Andover High School; 3rd place: Roberta Fisher, Tabor Academy; 4th place: Nicole Emmet, Northfield Mount Herman
Nugent pin Fisher 0:50; Nugent pin Milovanovic 0:58; Nugent pin Emmet 0:24; Milovanovic pin Emmet 0:15; Milovanovic pin Fisher 1:20; Fisher pin Emmet 3:14

121.0 weight class
1st place: Micailah Albertson, Morse High School; 2nd place: Ella Davidson, Keene High School; 3rd place: Emma Sheehan, Wayland High School; 4th place: Haley Andreasen, St. Paul’s School
Albertson dec. Davidson 4-2; Albertson pin Sheehan 1:32; Albertson pin Andreasen 2:15; Davidson pin Andreasen 0:33; Davidson pin Sheehan 3:12; Sheehan pin Andreasen 0:47

128.6 weight class: 2x champion, Marisol Nugent
1st place: Marisol Nugent, Phillips Academy; 2nd place: Ines Levy, BB&N, 3rd place: Ester Berrocal De Castro, Lawrence Academy; 4th place: Katelyn Adams, Smith Vocational
Nugent pin Adams 0:56; Nugent pin Berrocal De Castro 0:48, Nugent pin Levy 0:20; Levy pin Berrocal De Castro 5:06; Levy pin Adams 1:37; Berrocal De Castro pin Adams 1:11

135.8 weight class: 2x champion, Hannah Workman
1st place: Hannah Workman, Lincoln Academy; 2nd place: Ky King, Nashua South High School; 3rd place: Naomi Lam, Northfield Mount Herman; 4th place: Anaya Akpalu, Williston Northhampton
Workman pin Lam 2:25; Workman pin Akpalu 1:15; Workman pin King 5:47; King pin Akpalu 0:47; King pin Lam 0:22; Akpalu forfeit to Lam

139.4 weight class
1st place: Bella Ricchiazzi, Framingham High School; 2nd place: Shandria Waters, Keene High School; 3rd place: Ariana Phillips, Phillips Academy; 4th place: Aurora Austin, Milton Academy
Ricchiazzi pin Waters 1:55; Ricchiazzi pin Phillips 1:42; Ricchiazzi pin Austin 1:03; Waters pin Austin 0:44; Waters pin Phillips 1:45; Phillips pin Austin 3:00

146.8 weight class
1st place: Julia Livingston, St. Paul’s School; 2nd place: Isabel Conti, Hotchkiss; 3rd place: Bethany Batista, St. Mark’s School; 4th place: Chloe Cox, Northfield Mount Herman
Livingston pin Conti 1:12; Livingston pin Cox 0:31; Conti pin Batista 1:15; Conti pin Cox 1:06; Batista pin Cox 2:24; Batista pin Livingston 0:34

151.5 weight class
1st place: Rebecca Simpson, Milton High School; 2nd place: Adani Duguay-Webster, St. Paul’s School; 3rd place: Cara Jackson, Tabor Academy; 4th place: Ashleigh Cohan, Phillips Academy
Simpson pin Jackson 2:21; Simpson pin Duguay-Webster 0:33; Cohan injury default to Simpson; Duguay-Webster pin Cohan 2:46; Duguay-Webster pin Jackson 3:09; Cohan injury default to Jackson

161.6 weight class: 3x champion, Liz Seero
1st place: Elizabeth Seero, Tabor Academy; 2nd place: Mary Pollard, North Andover High School; 3rd place: Bailey Vachon, Tilton; 4th place: Mackenzie Hoang, Hotchkiss
Seero pin Vachon 0:54; Seero dec. Pollard 5-3; Seero pin Hoang 0:44; Pollard pin Hoang 3:09; Pollard pin Vachon 2:41; Vachon pin Hoang 1:38

177+ weight class: 2x champion Deja Douglas
1st place: Deja Douglas, Morse High School; 2nd place: Emma Lehrer, Williston North Hampton; 3rd place: Naomi Tewondras, Northfield Mount Herman
Douglas pin Lehrer 1:28; Douglas pin Tewondros 4:22; Lehrer pin Tewondros 1:09

Outstanding Wrestler awarded to Hannah Workman, Lincoln Academy