Wrestlers, Coaches, & Parents:                                   May 21, 2022

Now that we are back to wrestling, I have returned as keeper of the records. Since my days coaching at Cardigan Mt. School (1980-98) and Hyde School – Maine (1998-08), I have loved the sport as much as I have helped keep alive its memories through pictures, records, and articles.

In year 54, wrestling is still my passion, currently serving as head official for RMN National Events which hosts several large youth wrestling tournaments across the country.

During the day, I am a high school counselor for social-emotional learning and, in the new evenings, I write a monthly column for WIN Magazine featuring youth wrestlers and coaches. (See new page “Wrestler & Coach Features” with links to these features.) If you know of a good subject for an upcoming story, email me with the individual, team, and contact information.

Although I have been away from New England since 2008, I remain committed to memorializing the efforts of past and present N.E. prep wrestlers and teams. It was especially exciting to begin the new women’s record books, highlighted by Andover’s national team championship and ten N.E. individual champions in 2022.

On the page results, you will see the 2022 results in PDF and via link. Check out the master records for the Class A’s, EIL, ISL, and WNEISWA as well as the New England & National Prep Championships. Please contact me with updates and additions to the records or just to share your stories.

— Coach Bill X. Barron – bxb4barron@gmail.com – (207) 837-3223


The 2020 tournament results, boys and girls, have been added to the ongoing record collections on the pages for the leagues, NEISWA, and National Preps. If you have any updates – corrections or missing info – please email Bill at bxb4barron@gmail.com.

Unfortunately, the online tournament records do not list award winners (Most Pins Least Time, Outstanding Wrestlers, etc.). If you know any of these names (with team and weight), please help us keep the record books as complete as possible.

If you want copies of the brackets, you can download them from the page (recent event links go directly to the FloWrestling site).

If you have a wrestler or coach whose story merits a feature article, send me contact info. Those selected will be published in my monthly WIN Magazine column.

Thank you, Bill X. Barron – Coach

Cardigan Mt. School 1980-1998, Hyde School 1998-2008

Lexington Christian Summer Camp

NE Prep Coaches;
I wanted to let you know that Lexington Christian Academy (LCA) will be hosting it’s own wrestling camp this Summer! I would love to see plenty of local HS & Youth wrestlers attend! … It’s a convenient commuter camp perfect for Varsity, JVs, and Middle School wrestlers looking to get their wrestling on track!
Some key Points:
* Registration has already begun. Register here: http://www.lca.edu/page.cfm?p=600
or call: 781 862-7850
* Counselors & Clinicians TBD from Lexington & Winchester etc.
* LCA is easy to get to and on the Lex-Winchester line.
* Commuter Camp Dates: July 14-18 4p-7p daily. with 2 groups: HS & Youth.
* The following week, July 21-25 is the annual “Kutztown, PA” camp that has been a big hit in the past. The LCA camp is timed to help prepare for that camp (a group trip to that camp may be organized seperately as well, with priority given to LCA Lions Camp attendees!)
Charlie Cowen, LCA Head Wrestling Coach
603 998-0468

Open Dates – Woodhall Academy

The Woodhall School is looking for one, or several teams, to wrestle against on February 1.  Understandably, many schools have Head’s Weekend, but if anyone has a JV squad who is available to wrestle on Saturday, we would love more competition.  We are available to host.  We are located in Bethlehem, CT between Litchfield and Woodbury.



Ethan Bucarey
Wrestling Coach
The Woodhall School
58 Harrison Lane
Bethlehem, CT 06751

New England Rankings #1 -2014

The following has been compiled by Coach Gorham (Andover)  and Coach Bozzi (Tabor).  If you have questions or additonal input let us know.


2013-2014 New England Rankings

January 6, 2014


106: 1.Kyle Douglas Loomis (1st Canterbury), 2.Amir Douek Tabor (split with Guglielmo). Also Bryant Sargenton Choate, Julian Travis Lawrence Academy, Abhijay Bahtnagar Exeter Fr (d Makihara), Takuma Makihara St. Paul’s, Emmett Bell Brunswick


113: 1.Brandon Caffrey Pomfret Jr (1-106, 2-2 Preps), 2.Stephen Guglielmo Avon Jr (2-106, 1st Canterbury), 3.Mihir Gulati Belmont Hill (d Daouk, Basj-Rasikh), 4.Mujtaba Basj-Rasikh SPS (6-106), 5.Matt Chea Milton Sr (8-106). Also Matt Szczygiel Chase Collegiate, Mike Lipton Choate, Brent Samuels Roxbury Latin So


120: 1.Joey Rosetti Hotchkiss (d Hall), 2.Hayden Hall Chase Collegiate (2nd Canterbury, d Edelson, Kim), 3.Andreas Shiekh Andover So (3-106), 4.Benzi Edelson Loomis (d Rayment), 5.Sean Rayment Belmont Hill So (4-106), 6.Colin Pittorie Suffield (d Lobuch), 7.Breanna Lobusch Pomfret (8-113), Also Justin Kim NMH, Roddy Galbraith Taft, Alex Feye St. Paul’s, Isaiah Bailey Exeter (d Feye)


126: 1.Stephen Thibault Avon So (1-120, 5th Preps, d Lobusch), 2.Braden Lobusch Loomis So (3-120, 2-2 Preps), 3.Drew Saccone St. Paul’s Jr (2-113, 2-2 Preps), 4.Riley Grady GFA (2nd Canterbury, d Choi, Jones), 5.Justin Choi Choate Sr (5-120), 6.Harry Dorenberg Roxbury Latin Sr (5-113, 2-2 Preps), 7.James Sylvia St. Sebastian’s Jr (7-120, 2-2 Preps), 8.Andrew DiMaria TPS (8-120), 9.Jack Jones Brunswick Jr (5-106). Also Dylan Delasio Chase (4th Canterbury), David Crosby Brooks, Hunter Adams Williston


132: 1.John Anderson Tabor Jr (2-126, 8th Preps), 2.Chrisitan Vallis Andover Sr (2-120, 6th Preps), 3.Jimmy Bell Brunswick Sr (5-132, d Jordan), 4.Kenny Jordan Canterbury Sr (3rd NE 2012, d Sutton), 5.Josh Hemantikoon Exeter So (7-113, d Curtin), 6.Andrew Fai Nobles (d Curtin), 7.Peter Curtin St. Paul’s So (6-120), 8.Ben Bianchi LCA (8-126), 9.Trakken Sutton Loomis So (6-113, 3rd Canterbury), 10.Andrew Dimaria TPS (8-120)


138: 1.Peter Tedesco Belmont Hill Jr (2-132, 7th Preps, d Thagaard), 2.Marcos Mercado Hyde-CT Sr (R12 Preps, d Mario), 3.Nick Mazarella Pomfret So (7-132, d Thagaard), 4.Ben Holcolmb GFA (1st Canterbury, d Shubert), 5.Eugene Thagaard Deerfield Jr (5-126), 6.Owen Shubert Brunswick Sr (6-126), 7.Emilio Aureliano Loomis (8-132), 8.Chris Weiss Portsmouth Abbey (d Jackson), 9.Richard Jackson Choate Sr (7-126). Also Jake Mario Tabor, James Colzalaio Hamden Hall, James McIntyre Roxbury Latin


145: 1.Aidan Conroy NMH Jr (1-126, R12 Preps, 1st Canterbury, d DeMaria), 2.Andrew Bolte Brooks Jr (4-138), 3.Tyler Christopher Belmont Hill (d Abrams, Reilly), 4.Quin Abrams St. Paul’s (4-132, d Reilly), 5.Chris Demaria TPS (2nd Canterbury), 6.Jack Shaw Salisbury (d Siegel), 7.Peter Siegel Avon Sr (8-145, 2-2 Preps), 8.Sean Haggerty Exeter (8-138), 9.Josh Berland BCDS Sr (2-2 Preps at 138), 10.Harrison Parsons Loomis Jr (7-138). Also Jack Reilly Tabor (d Konovalchik), Nick Konovalchik Brooks Fr, Evan Jonokuchi Brunswick, Jack Shaw Salisbury, Joe Acousti Chase Collegiate, Chris Dimaria TPS


152: 1.AJ Pedro Exeter Fr (T12 Beast), 2.Kevin Lee Milton (d Anderson), 3.Darvin Anderson Hyde-ME (5-138), 4.Chris Cuomo Choate (1st Canterbury), 5.Sean Sullivan Taft (7-145), Also Matt Campos Thayer, Henry Scavone Avon, Chris Cervizzi Brooks Jr


160: 1.Andrew Konovalchik Brooks Sr (1-160, 5th Preps), 2.Trent Bellows Suffield Jr (1-145), 3.Nick Carola Hotchkiss So (5-152, 1st Canterbury), 4.Jake Deustchlander Hyde-ME, 5.Alex Bloom NMH (1st Canterbury, d Schrier), 6.William Madaus Roxbury Latin (d Anderson). Also Trevor Schrier Gunnery (d Praino), Sean Haggerty Exeter, John Barkowski Deerfield, Joe Praino Chase Collegiate, AJ Reige St. Sebastian’s


170: 1.Nate Gibeley Brooks Sr (6-152-2012, d Palmer), 2.James Palmer Andover Sr (2-170, R12 Preps), 3.Drew Mahoney Suffield Jr (1-152), 4.Charlie Hill Belmont (7-170). Also Morgan Rockett St. Sebastian’s (d Heitmiller), Kyle Heitmiller St. Paul’s, Brandon Cassamasima Worcester, Seth Henriquez Greens Farms So, Kade Johnson Deerfield Sr


182: 1.Isaiah Bellamy Lawrence Academy Sr (1-182, 4th Preps, d Jensen), 2.Jared Jensen Hyde-ME (d Harris), 3.Zach Harris Loomis Sr (1-170, R12 Preps, d Brawley), 4.John Keally Nobles (4-182), 5.Jake Gottfried Brooks So (6-182), 6.Noah Wright Exeter (8-170), 7.Josh Hillman Suffield Sr (7-160). Also Austin Brawley Avon (2nd Canterbury), Aaron Refuoa Trinity-Pawling, Drew Morrisey Belmont Hill, David DeCotis St. Paul’s


195: 1.Angus Cowell Hotchkiss (1-195, R12 Preps, 1st Canterbury, d Olyiink), 2.Olixander Olyiink WMA Sr (2-195, R12 Preps), 3.Matt Marvin Brunswick (d Rak), 4.Noah Rak Canterbury Sr (4-195), 5.Patrick St. Martin Williston Sr (8-195), 6.Curran Sullivan Exeter Sr (7-182). Also Patrick Montolio Tabor, Geoff Fulgione Brooks, Cornelius Griffith Lawrence, Owen Stoddard Roxbury Latin


220: 1.David Giovanacci Landmark (3-220, 2-2 Preps, 1st Canterbury), 2.Ryan Kelly Belmont Hill Jr (5-195, 8th Preps). Also Alim Ibrahim Thayer, Owen Rosenberger Brooks Fr (d Halperin-Reiss), McKinley Halperin-Reiss Tabor, Joey Candon TPS, William Baker Exeter So , Joey Candon TPS, David Harrison Loomis


285: 1.Corey Jean-Jacques Avon PG (1st Canterbury, d Simmons, Cascino), 2.Chris Simmons Choate (d Hattar, Cascino), 3.Chris Hattar Trinity Pawling Sr (7th  Prep), 4.Lucien Cascino Tabor PG (d Crane), 5.Andrew Crane Lawrence ( 4-285, R12 Preps), 6.Mike Yerardi Suffield Jr (6-285). Also Dan McGurl Andover PG, Stone Hart Exeter PG, Tommy Connolly Brooks


New England Team Rankings (tournament strength)

1.Belmont Hill, 2.Brooks, 3.Exeter, 4.Avon, 5.Tabor, 6.St. Paul’s, 7.Loomis, 8.Andover, 9.Brunswick, 10.Lawrence, 11.Pomfret, 12.Hotchkiss, 13.Choate, 14.Hyde-ME, 15.NMH, 16.Suffield, 17.Trinity Pawling, 18.Roxbury Latin, 19.Milton, 20.Greens Farms







Open Dates – Lexington Christian Academy

Lexington Christian Academy

Available Dates:
Tues-Thurs 12/3 -12/5 Open (Come to LCA for scrimmage?)
Sat 12/7 Open !!
Thurs 12/12 @ LCA 5pm (w/Maimonides) … we can add a 2nd or 3rd small team
Wed 12/18 –OPEN !!
Sat 1/4/14 -Open !!
Wed 1/8 @ LCA 3:30pm (w/BCD) … we can add a 2nd or 3rdsmall-med team!
Wed 1/15 OPEN?!! … Exam Week. Meet or Scrimmage?
Tues 2/4 @ LCA (w/Chapel Hill) …we can add a 2nd or 3rd team!

Charlie Cowen
Head Wrestling Coach, LCA
603 998-0468